How cat sitting works

We offer cat sitting at our place or at your home. We always sign the contract with the cat’s owner. We have insurance in case of injury or property damage up to 5 million CZK.

Cat sitting at your home

  1. It is necessary to book cat sitting through our this form. We will arrange all details – dates of cat sitting, duration and frequency of visitations and price per one visit.
  2. We are going to arrange a meeting at your place where we get to know each other. I will come there with contract and protocol for keys. This meeting is for FREE.
  3. You will show me what your cat needs and we will sign a contract and the protocol for keys. Deposit 50% of the total amount of cat sitting will be required.
  4. I will send you photos from every visitation and information on how your cat enjoys the visit.
  5. After the end of a cat sitting and your confirmation that you are at home and cat is alright, we arrange a date for giving the keys back to you when the rest of our payment will be required. This meeting is also for FREE.

Cat sitting in our place

  1. First of all, make a reservation for cat sitting through this form. After our confirmation, the place for your cat is reserved. We will arrange details of cat care.
  2. You could be asked to pay non-returnable deposit 30-50% of the total amount of cat sitting in advance.
  3. We will agree on a date and time when you will come to us with your cat.
  4. It is necessary to bring the vaccination card for your cat, his/her food, medication if needed and toys.
  5. We will send you information about your cats and some photos from cat sitting.