Price list

We offer two types of cat sitting service – cat care in our place or cat sitting at your home.

1. Taking care of your cat at your home

cat sitting Prague, catsitting, cat-sitting, individual cat sitting, cat care PragueThis is the best type of cat sitting for tomcats. I offer to visit your cat at your home once or twice a day or every other day. Do you wonder how does it work? The price for one visit (including feeding, playing, caressing, cleaning and eventually brushing) I charge 250 – 550 CZK (30-60 minutes) without any additional fee per holidays. This price is in the case of more than 2 visits, in the case of only 1 visit, the price is 200%. If you find out during the cat sitting that you need more visits, the additional fee per each extra visit is 30%. The price depends on the distance of your home, a number of cats and your other requirements for cat sitting. During cat care I can water the flowers, vent the air at your flat or house, check your post box, clean up the mess made by your cat and these extras are FREE as well as the first meeting at your place to sign the contract, just as the last meeting when giving back the keys to you.

Cat sitting in your place
Cat sitting longer than 1 hour
after the first hour 200 CZK/hour
Cat sitting overnight
1500 CZK

2. Individual cat sitting in our place

Cat sitting in our place
Price for every other cat
Cat sitting for whole day + night (24 hours)
450 CZK
250 CZK

For cat sitting kittens up to 6 months old, we charge an extra fee 100 CZK/day. Here you can find prices per our additional services. For more information about prices, terms and conditions, click here.

The price list is valid from 11th January 2019.

We are not payers of VAT.